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Privacera Documentation

View classifications

To view the Classifications page, select Data Inventory > Classifications from the navigation menu.

The Classifications page displays classifications in a table. Structured data shows all meta-tags, including table-level and file-level, applied on the structured data columns along with their content and meta-tags. This helps to view all the parent tags that were distributed to the children classifications.

The Classifications page displays the following information:

  • Datazone: The name of the datazone.

  • Application: The name of the application.

  • Resource: The name of the resource. Clicking on the resource displays the Resource Detail page. This page is divided into three tabs: Tag Details, Alerts Details, and Lineage, along with their count of records in each tab.

  • Updated On: The date and time of the last update.

  • Tag: A list of tags associated with the particular resource. Clicking on the tag name displays the Data Info dialog, which displays the following information:

    • Field Name: The full file location of the field.

    • Sample Values

    • Reason

    • Score

    • Status: Accepted, Rejected, and Allowed.

    • Status Change Reason