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Privacera Documentation

User and group attributes

Consider the following points when editing User or Group attributes:

  • Only Admin users have access to change the user attributes. Other users are unable to view or edit user attributes.

  • These modifications are limited to the Ranger DB and have no impact on the source.

  • Only the values can be changed. These values are considered as a single string (multiple comma-separate values cannot be added).

  • Internal UserSync attributes such as full_name, service_id, and sync_source cannot be changed or removed. If these internal UserSync attributes are added manually through the UI for an internal user, no further modification or deletion will be permitted.

  • When Ranger UserSync is restarted, the attributes from the source are overridden, but the custom attributes added from the UI are retained.

  • If a user exists in more than one location, such as LDAP and Azure, If you sync that user from both sources, the attributes will be merged, and if there are any common attributes, only the attribute value from the most recent source will be retained.

  • If an attribute is deleted from the source or UserSync, it will still be visible in the UI. If it is no longer required, you can delete it manually.