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Privacera Documentation


Description: returns the list of attributes (separated by comma) mapped to the user groups to which the querying user is a member. Can be used for comparison of numeric values.


  • The user joe is a member of the groupsadmin(attribute: dept=10) andmanager (attribute: dept=20), GET_UG_ATTR(‘dept’) will return10,20.

Usage: can be used in:

  • Row Level Filter Policies - row level filters expressions

  • Example:dept_id in (${{GET_UG_ATTR(‘dept’)}})

  • Masking policy - Custom masking condition

  • Example:CASE WHEN dept_id in (${{GET_UG_ATTR(‘dept’)}}) THEN {col} ELSE '0' END

  • Policy condition

  • Example:GET_UG_ATTR('location')=='mumbai'