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Privacera Documentation

Connect Synapse to PrivaceraCloud

Synapse has same design definition as MS SQL. Hence, to connect Synapse to the PrivaceraCloud, use the instructions and UI given to connect MS SQL to PriveceraCloud. Refer to the section Connect MS SQL to PrivaceraCloud.

For example, Go to Setting > Applications. Select MS SQL.

Privacera suggest all users to use MS SQL instructions and UI to connect Synapse to PrivaceraCloud. Due to same design definition, Privacera doesn't provide separate UI for the Synapse application.

Ensure while using instructions of MS SQL to connect Synapse to the PrivaceraCloud, use all Synapse values in the MS SQL fields.


Privacera supports only to the SQL Pools and DONOT support to the Spark Pools for the Synapse application.