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Privacera Documentation

Configure Files resource policies

The FILES resource policy repository (also shown as privacera_files) holds policies you create to control access to specific files and filesystem directories.


The most important item for a privacera_files resource policy is the resource path, as shown here. (This is not a complete policy, just focused on the resource path.) Note that by default the policy applies recursively to the specified path.


Policies can specify many different kinds of resource paths. For example:

  • Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2: abfss://path_to_resource

  • Azure (non-ADLS Gen2): wasbs://path_to_resource

  • Databricks File System: dbfs:/path_to_resource

  • Local file: file://path_to_resource

  • S3: s3://path_to_resource

  • S3 up to 5TB: s3a://path_to_resource

  • S3 up to 5GB: s3n://path_to_resource

Description of fields for a files resource policy

  • Resource Path

    • Recursive/Non-Recursive:

  • Allow Conditions

    • Permissions

      • Read

      • Write

    • Delegate Admin: Select 'Delegate Admin' to assign administrator rights to the roles, groups, or users specified in the policy. The administrator can edit or delete the policy, and can also create child policies based on the original policy.