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Privacera Documentation

Database lockup in Docker

Problem: Privacera services are not starting.

Cause: The database used by Privacera services could be locked up. This could happen due to an improper or abrupt shutdown of the Privacera Manager host machine.


  1. SSH to the machine where Privacera is installed.

  2. SSH to the database container shell.

    cd privacera/docker
    ./privacera_services shell mariadb
  3. Run the following command. It will prompt for a password. This will give you access to the MySQL database.

  4. List all the databases.

    show databases;             
  5. From the list, select privacera_db database.

    use privacera_db;            
  6. Query the DATABASECHANGELOGLOCK table. You will see that the value is 1 or greater under the LOCKED column.

  7. Remove the database lock.

    update DATABASE CHANGE LOG LOCK set locked=0,lockgranted=null,lockedby=nullwhereid=1;commit;            
  8. Exit MySQL shell.

  9. Exit Docker container.

  10. Restart Privacera services.

    ./privacera_services restart