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Privacera Documentation


Tags are an important part of Privacera Discovery and access control. In addition to security policies for resources and roles, you can create policies based on tags. Using tag-based policies, you can manage access to sensitive data regardless of where the data is stored.

Privacera Discovery scans data sources and tags all sensitive information across the enterprise. Example tags include PERSON_NAME, PII, ADDR, or EMAIL_ADDR. A dataset attribute, such as a column, table, or file, can be tagged with metadata information that can be used to classify the data asset. For example, a column titled "Email" or "Phone_Number" can be tagged as PII.

Tags enrich existing information about your data. Data administrators can create access control policies based on the tags created by Privacera Discovery. You can view your tags from the Tags Information page.

If you have defined rules, the generation of tags depends on the order of the rules. For more information, see Processing order of scan techniques and Rules.