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Privacera Documentation

Table of Contents

Get started with Access Management

Privacera Access Management works with and extends Apache Ranger to provide data access governance with centralized management of authorization policies and auditing.

Privacera Access Management offers features for policy management (resource and tag policies), data access audits, data user management, and data service management. It also includes reports which provide policy view, security zones which provide means to scope views, and permissions which manage user and group right augmentation.

Using Privacera Access Management, access to your data can be controlled based on:

  • User roles

  • Tags applied to data elements

  • Resources that are connected to Access Management

  • Resources that are not yet connected to Access Management

Privacera Access Management has the following features:

  • Resource policies: Create and manage Resource Policies.

  • Tag policies: Create and manage Tag Policies.

  • Scheme policies: Create and manage Scheme Policies.

  • Service Explorer: Data resource services, also call connectors, viewing with drilldown through databases, schemas, and tables, annotated with policy defined data user access.

  • Users, groups, and roles: Data user access management, supporting creation and management of data access users, groups, and roles from LDAP, Active Directory, and Azure AD.

  • Permissions: This page manages data access users and groups access to functional modules in the PrivaceraCloud hosted Apache Ranger module.

  • Reports: Built-in reports and dashboards for access governance, audit, and compliance.

  • Audits: Privacera supports full logging of all access, installation, and configuration events.

  • Security zones: Security Policies can be established and maintained based on administrative rights.