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Privacera Documentation

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Troubleshooting the Databricks Unity Catalog tutorial

If you have difficulty using the tutorial, try the following troubleshooting tips:


In PrivaceraCloud, under Access Management you will see the Audits option which shows various Audit and Status reporting options. Under the Access tab you will see the queries run by various users in your Databricks Workspace.

Under the Policy Sync tab, you will see the Databricks Grants and Views that Privacera is creating in your Workspace. You can check the status column to see if there were any failures.

Hive non-administrative user

If you are running this tutorial using the hive_metastore then you have to use the privacera_databricks_sql_analytics tile in Resource Policies. In addition to this, you need a user who does not have administrative privileges in the Databricks Workspace to run the SQL commands. Administrators have full access to all the tables in Hive and so the policies will not apply for them.

Created policy should be enabled

We have pre-created various policies which need to be enabled as you go through the tutorial steps. It is possible that you reviewed the policy but forgot to enable the policy by clicking on the Enabled toggle next to the Policy Name and then clicked Save.

Resource policy should be enabled

In order for Dynamic Column Masking and Dynamic Row Level Filter policies to be applied, make sure you have one of the two Resource Policies (Sales Data All Access or Sales Data Specific Column) enable.