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Privacera Documentation

Filter the Classifications page

You can filter the results on the Classifications page using the following filters:

  • Partial or Exact Match: Select the type of match you want to filter the resource data.

  • Search by Input resource: This search filter allows you to view the result of resource.

  • Date Filter: You can sort and filter the resource data by Resource Create Time, Classification time, or Turn Off time. You can specify a date range, which is 7 days by default.

  • Search by Application: View by application name.

  • Search by Datazone: View by datazone.

  • Search by Tags: View by tags.

  • Search by Input ScanID: View by scan ID.

  • Query Filters: Apply conditional filters and view the result. For details on how to use the Query Filters, see Reports with the Query Builder.

  • More Filter: This lists additional available filters. As you edit the search filters, the results are dynamically updated to match.

    • Group Tables: View the higher level classification for tables.

    • Group Folders: View the higher level classification for folders.

    • Search by Location: View the result by location (database/table name) of the resource. Additionally, you can search by HDFS location for Hive tables.

    • System Classified: View the results where tag is marked as system-classified.

    • Show Allowed: View the results where tag is marked as show allowed.

    • Deleted: View the results that have been deleted.

    • Reviewed: View the results that has been reviewed.