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Switch from Kinesis to Kafka for Privacera Discovery queuing on AWS with Privacera Platform

By default on AWS for Privacera Discovery data queuing, Privacera Platform relies internally on Kinesis.

If you want to use Kafka instead of Kinesis, follow the steps detailed here to set properties in two Privacera Platform properties files:

  • vars.kafka.yml



This configuration is for internal-to-Privacera distribution of Discovery data.

If you want to apply Access Management policies to your own Kafka installation, see Connect Kafka datasource via plugin to Privacera Platform.


  • On AWS, make sure that SQS is enabled.

  • Determine the value of the SQS endpoint in AWS. For example, the SQS endpoint looks like this:<YOUR_AWS_ACCOUNT_ID>/<SQS_QUEUE_NAME>

  • Decide the desired value of <SQS_QUEUE_NAME> shown above, which by default is privacera_bucket_sqs_{{DEPLOYMENT_ENV_NAME}}. The value of DEPLOYMENT_ENV_NAME is read from the properties file ~/privacera/custom-vars/vars.privacera.yml.


  1. If you have not already copied these properties files to custom-vars, in your Privacera Platform system's shell, run the following commands:

    cd ~/privacera
    cp sample-vars/vars.kafka.yml custom-vars
    cp sample-vars/ custom-vars
  2. Set property values:

    • In ~/privacera/custom-vars/vars.kafka.yml, set property KAFKA_ENABLE to true.

    • In ~/privacera/custom-vars/, set property PKAFKA_SQS_ENDPOINT to the SQS endpoint value you determined in the prerequisites.

  3. Apply the new configuration. In your Privacera Platform system's shell, run:

    cd ~/privacera
    ./privacera-manager update