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Privacera Documentation

Data sources on PrivaceraCloud

A data source is a collection of data stored in a third-party application like Microsoft SQL, AWS S3, or Databricks. PrivaceraCloud integrates with your datasource to control access to or scan for sensitive data.

Data sources are organized into applications. An application is a configuration for a data resource or authentication resource to be linked to your PrivaceraCloud account.

You provide application target and type-specific properties for the target resource such as location address (URL) and authentication credentials to that resource. For some applications, you can add custom properties using a key/value pair syntax. The properties can be exported to a JSON properties file. This file can then be reimported at a later time or can be used as a template for other applications.

An authentication resource can be a connection to directory service for data access users or for portal users.


You can only use one dataserver setup per account for Privacera Access Management.