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Privacera Documentation

Configure Redshift resource policies

Redshift supports access policies.

  • Global: Specify the Redshift hosted IP. To get Redshift hosted ip, connect with Redshift environment and run this query: SELECT inet_server_addr() as host, inet_server_port() as port

  • Database: Specify the database name.

    • Schema: Specify the schema name.

    • Table: Specify the table name.

    • Column: Specify the column name.

  • Cluster: Specify the cluster ip.

  • Allow Condition:

    • Permissions:

      • Create Database

      • Create Schema

      • Usage Schema

      • Create Table

      • Select

      • Insert

      • Update

      • Delete

      • ListClusters

      • CreateCluster

      • UpdateCluster

      • DeleteCluster

      • ResizeCluster

      • PauseCluster

      • RebootCluster

      • CreateSnapshot

      • RestoreSnapshot

    • Delegate Admin: Select 'Delegate Admin' to assign administrator rights to the roles, groups, or users specified in the policy. The administrator can edit or delete the policy, and can also create child policies based on the original policy.