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Privacera Documentation

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Enable Encryption on PrivaceraCloud

PrivaceraCloud Privacera Encryption Gateway (PEG) supports two API REST methods: protect and unprotect. It uses Basic Auth (Base64 encoding) authenticated against a single configured service user.

To enable encryption for your applications:

  1. On the Account page, click the ENABLE button next to the Privacera Encryption.

    The Privacera Encryption Configuration page appears.

  2. In the BASIC tab, enter the following information:

    • Enter credentials (Username and Password) for a PEG service user. These are the Basic Authentication values for the PEG API requests.

    • Enter a value for a secret. This value will be used as a shared secret when configuring embedded encryption using the Privacera Crypto Jar, for use in Databricks. See Enable Privacera Encryption services in Databricks SQL on PrivaceraCloud for additional setup details, if using PEG with Databricks SQL and User-Defined Functions (UDFs).

  3. In the ADVANCED tab, you can add custom properties.

  4. Using the IMPORT PROPERTIES and EXPORT PROPERTIES button, you can browse and import/export properties.

  5. Click SAVE.

Thereafter, use the toggle to either disable or enable encryption and use the pen icon to modify the configuration.


When you update the encryption configuration, you should restart it. This is to ensure that your updated configuration functions properly.