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Privacera Documentation

Usage statistics on PrivaceraCloud

Go to Usage for a graphical and numerical overview of your PrivaceraCloud account with the following information:

  • The Users/Groups/Roles section displays counts relating to data access users (as opposed to portal users), as created and managed in Users, groups, and roles

Statistics displayed:

  • Active users: number of non-service data access users that have accessed or attempted to access a controlled data repository over the previous 90 days.

  • Users: number of data access users of all roles.

    • Auditors: number of data access users assigned the Auditor role.

    • Admins / Keyadmin: number of data access users assigned either the Admin or Keyadmin role.

  • Groups number of defined data access groups.

  • Roles number of defined custom roles.

  • Active Users per Service graphs the number of users actively using or attempting usage of a particular service during the selected timeframe: This Month, Last Month, or the prior month Last Third Month.

  • Audit Statistics displays the available audit records per service (data repository) and, for the selected time period, the count of events per service, and, records accumulated per day. Audit records are kept for 90 days.