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Integrate Google Looker from AWS Athena to PrivaceraCloud

To run SQL queries from Google Looker against your data in PrivaceraCloud, you can configure Google Looker to communicate with the Privacera data server.


Have the following ready:

  • An installation of Google Looker.

  • A descriptive, easy-to-remember name for the connection from Google Looker.

  • An S3 storage location where query results can be saved.

  • Your AWS region, such as us-east-1.

  • The name of the database you want to query.

  • The name of a Looker workgroup to associate with the connection.

  • The hostname/domain or IP address and port of the Privacera data server.

  • AWS Athena already added as an application connected to Privacera.

  • The profile name of the PrivaceraCloud connection to the Athena application.

  • Your PrivaceraCloud API key and token, as discussed in Generate token, access key, and secret key on Privacera Platform.

Get your data server hostname, port, and profile name

To find your PrivaceraCloud data server hostname and port, on PrivaceraCloud:

  1. Go to Launchpad.

  2. From the field labeled Dataserver Endpoint URL, copy the full domain name of the host. Do not copy anything else from the displayed value, only the hostname portion of the value.

    This is the value you need to supply for the <dataserver_IP_address_or_hostname> needed in the procedure detailed below.

The default port for the data server is 443..

For the value of <profile_name> in the procedure below, copy the value of the Profile Name field.

  1. Connect to AWS Athena.

  2. Go to to the desired Google Looker instance.

  3. On the landing page, go to Admin > Database > Connections > Add Connection.

  4. On the Connect your database to Looker page:

  5. Enter your descriptive name for this connection.

  6. For Dialect, select Amazon Athena.

  7. Enter Host details you prepared from the prerequisites in the following format. Note that the key/value pairs are separated by a semi-colon (;).


    1. <dataserver_IP_address_or_hostname>: Data server IP address or hostname.

    2. dataserver_port: Data server port number

    3. <profile_name>: The profile name of your connection from Privacera to AWS Athena as detailed above.

    4. Region: Your AWS region, such as us-east-1.

    5. S3OutputLocation: Enter the S3 location to store Athena query results.

    6. Workgroup: Workgroup to associate with the connection.

    7. Database: Database name to be connected.

    8. Username: Enter your Privacera Platform access key access.

    9. Password: Enter Privacera Platform secret key.

  8. Keep the Optional Settings defaults.

  9. Test your connection by clicking the Test button.

  10. Click the Connect button to create the connection.

Run queries using SQL Runner

These are the general steps for running queries.

  1. Start your Google Looker instance.

  2. On the landing page, go to Develop > SQL Runner.

  3. Select the name of the database connection you created.

  4. Fire off your queries.

Results of the queries are stored in the S3 location you specified when you created this connection.