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Privacera Documentation

Upload custom SSL certificates on Privacera Platform

  1. Copy your certificates to the instance where Privacera Manager is installed.

    Get the file path of your certificate and enter it in the following code:

    cd ~/privacera/privacera-manager
    mkdir -p config/ssl/custom_certificates
    cp ${file_path_of_your_certificate} config/ssl/custom_certificates/
  2. (Optional) Do this step, if your SSL certificate is of the type, jks/p12.

    You will create a file where you will add the passwords for the SSL certificate. The passwords will be used while importing certificates to global-truststore.jks

    1. Create a password file as {storeType}_{storeFileName}.pwd, where {storeType} is type of certificate, and {storeFileName} is filename of the certificate you want to upload.

      For example, if jks is your SSL truststore type and and trustore filename is certificate1.jks, create a file name as jks_certificate1.pwd.

    2. Open the file and add the password.

    3. Place the password file in config/ssl/custom_certificates.

      cp jks_certificate1.pwd config/ssl/custom_certificates/