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Privacera Documentation

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Bulk update tags from the Classifications page

You can add new tags and do a bulk update for the resource directly from the Classification page.

  1. In the Classification page, click the Resource that you want to add a tag to (for example, an HDFS resource).

    The Resource Detail page is displayed.

  2. Click + next to the keyword that you want to add additional tags to.

    The Update Resource dialog displays.

  3. Add the tags to the Resource using the Tags dropdown and click Save.

    The tags are added to the resource.

  4. If you have added multiple tags, you can do a Bulk Update of the tags that you have added to the various columns.

  5. Click Bulk Update.

  6. Answer the prompts to Accept/Reject/Allow the tags and add a reason if required.

  7. Click Save or Close.