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Connect applications to PrivaceraCloud with the setup wizard

The purpose of the setup wizard is to allow you to easily connect your applications to PrivaceraCloud.

When you first log in to the PrivaceraCloud account, you will be directed to a setup wizard.


The setup wizard appears only the first time you login. You can click SETUP CONNECTION LATER. You can configure the applications later.


Following are the required prerequisites:

  • Look at the screen below to find which of the available applications in your environment are ready to connect to PrivaceraCloud.

  • Collect the information required to connect with the specific application. Each application requires a specific set of information.


For setup, click the SETUP CONNECTION button and you will be directed to the list of applications to be configured with the PrivaceraCloud account. For more details, see Manage applications on PrivaceraCloud.

In the Available Connections section, select an application you want to configure and connect.

For example, if you want to configure S3 application, do the following steps:

  1. Select S3 application.

  2. Enter the application Name and Description, and then click Save.


    The application Name and Description are common for all applications. These are user-specified values.

  3. Click the toggle button to enable Access Management for your application.


    You can enable Discovery and Encryption for your application. For more information, see Get started with Discovery and Get started with Encryption.

  4. In the Basic tab, enter AWS Access Key, AWS Secret Key, and AWS Region, and then click Save.

    The S3 application is moved to the Connected Application section.

Similarly, you can configure the following applications available in the Settings > Applications section.