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PrivaceraCloud Documentation



PrivaceraCloud creates and stores audit records for all data access, and key portal access activity. Audit records are retained for 90 days.

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The Audit page provides structured viewer access to these records. Records and presentation are sorted by category:

  • Access: Each access (or denial) to a managed data repository.

  • Admin: Portal administrative activity including revisions to policies.

  • Login Sessions: Logins to your PrivaceraCloud account web portal.

  • Plugin: Logged status for each synchronization exchange with a data access plug-in component.

  • Plugin Status: Logged updates with each data access plug-in component.

  • User Sync: Logged user updates from LDAP/AD service.

  • Policy Sync: Logged queries to data resources integrated using policy sync method.

  • Categories are using the top navigation tab selected. A date filter is on the upper right. By default it opens to the last 7 days but can be set to other intervals and custom date ranges.

PEG API Accesses

On the Access tab, use the search filter pulldown menu to see Service is PEG (Privacera Encryption Gateway).


This shows access to a PEG encryption key when a PEG REST API request specifies an encryption scheme.

For more information about PEG, see Overview of Privacera Encryption.