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PrivaceraCloud Documentation

Overview of PrivaceraCloud


PrivaceraCloud is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) data access governance and enforcement management platform. It works with a wide range of datasources/applications, including AWS and Azure based datasources/applications.

PrivaceraCloud manages and controls access to sensitive data. It enables:

  • Central definition and management of fine-grained access control policies across multiple cloud services

  • Data access audits

  • Compliance, audit, and governance reports

  • Encryption, decryption, and masking

Core concepts

Restrictions to access are configured using data access policies which are comprised of rules. Rules specify which users and groups can access what data.

PrivaceraCloud has three primary functions: Applications, data access users, and data access policies.

  1. Your third-party applications, such as S3 and Databricks, which must be connected to PrivaceraCloud.

  2. Data access users requiring access to the connected resources. These users can be defined individually withinPrivaceraCloud . See About data access users, groups, and roles resource policies.

    Users and groups can also be imported from an IdP such as LDAP/AD .

  3. Policies define the relationship between the data resources and the data access users. Policy rules are established and managed with Resource Policies and Tag Policies.