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Privacera Platform

Access Request Manager


This topic provides the list of custom properties that should be configured for the Access Request Manager service. It covers how you can configure the custom properties in Privacera Manager (PM) CLI.

PM CLI configuration

To use a custom property from the properties table, add it to the following YML file in the custom-vars folder configured as per your environment:

  • vars.access-request-manager.yml

Properties table




Default Value


Property to change the default port number for a non-secured ARM.



Property to change the default port number for a non-secured ARM.



Set the property if there are SSL/TLS certificate issues related to the hostname.



Set this property if you want to map the project-based roles with users. You can set up a list of which user has access to which project.

To set up, do the following:

  1. Create a file (projectroles.csv) at the location privacera/docker/privacera/portal/conf.

  2. Map the roles with users, one mapping per line:

    Role, User

    fiona_project_alpha, padmin

    fiona_project_alpha, fiona_emily

  3. Assign the filename containing the mapping to the PRIVACERA_ACCESS_REQUEST_MANAGER_PROJECT_ROLES_FILE property.

To enable the property in Privacera Portal, do the following:

  1. Log in to the Privacera Portal.

  2. Navigate to the System Configuration. In the search box, enter *access request*. The corresponding properties appear in the Portal Properties table.

  3. Select the Enable UI Feature Project Roles based Access Request checkbox, and then click Save.