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Privacera Release 6.3

Privacera Platform Release 6.3

Last updated: 2022-03-17

Versions of Privacera Platform Modules#

Build/Image: rel_6.3.0.1

  • Discovery: rel_6.3.0.1
  • Access Manager: rel_6.3.0.1
  • Privacera Encryption Gateway (PEG): rel_6.3.0.1

New and Improved Features#

Access Management#


Databricks Runtime version 10.4 LTS is considered a preview for this release.

  • Preview: Adding multiple GCP projects in a single Google BigQuery PolicySync connector is supported.

  • Preview: PolicySync for the PostgreSQL database of the Cloud SQL in GCP is now supported. To govern data access, policies can be enforced based on data queries, resource-based masking policies, security zone, and tag-based policies.

  • Summary for plug-ins in the dataserver can be enabled to minimize the audit records.

  • Snowflake PolicySync now supports the addition of new warehouse and table permissions.

    • Warehouse: Assistance with warehouse modifications.

    • Table: Truncate and Reference table support.

  • LDAP/AD UserSync supports the deletion of users and groups.

  • The Spark plug-in FGAC displays only allowed databases and tables.

  • User and group attribute references are supported for row-level filter expressions in Spark plug-in FGAC, Trino, EMR Hive, and all the PolicySync connectors.

  • When Snowflake users are added to the Privacera Portal, they must reset their password after logging into their Snowflake account.


  • Starburst Enterprise version 360 LTS supports tag-sync in order for Privacera Ranger to discover tags.

  • Starburst Enterprise Trino Version 360 LTS supports discovery scans for the connectors MySQL, Oracle SQL, and PostgreSQL.

  • The PRIVACERA_DISCOVERY_DATABRICKS_DOWNLOAD_URL has been deprecated. PRIVACERA_BASE_DOWNLOAD_URL will be used to download the Discovery Databricks packages.


  • Preview: Encryption is supported on the Starburst Enterprise Trino Version 364 LTS.


  • Custom regular expressions can be configured in the admin portal to validate email addresses in User Management.

Privacera Manager CLI#

  • Privacera Manager CLI installation supports multiple instances of the same service in PolicySync.

  • Auto-scaling can be set up for Discovery executor pods using the Privacera Manager CLI.

New Custom Properties in Snowflake#

For more details on the following custom properties, see Snowflake Connector.


New Custom Properties in Discovery#

For more details on the following custom properties, see Discovery Custom Properties.


Documentation Changelog#

For documentation updates in this release, see the Privacera Documentation Change Log.

Supported Versions of Third-party Systems#

Expand the "Platform 6.x" table in Supported Versions of Third-party Systems.

Known Issues#

See Known Issues, Privacera Platform Release 6.3.

Platform Support Policy and End-of-Support Dates#

Login to Zendesk to see Privacera's Product Support Policy.

Privacera Platform Major Version Release Date End of Support Date
3.0 2020-08-25 2022-02-16
4.0 2020-11-06 2022-04-30
5.0 2021-08-06 2023-01-28
6.0 2021-10-29 2023-04-22