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PrivaceraCloud 4.3

Last updated: 2022-03-24


PrivaceraCloud Release

New and Improved Features#

Access Control#


Databricks Runtime version 10.4 LTS is considered a preview for this release.

  • PolicySync connectors' coverage has been improved for PostgreSQL, Snowflake, Azure SQL Database, PowerBI, Google BigQuery (Preview), and Redshift.
  • Preview: Fine Grained Access Control (FGAC) has been certified in Databricks Runtime versions 10.4 LTS.
  • Ranger audits can now be stored or transferred to a customer's storage account (Amazon S3).
  • FGAC/OLAC is supported in EMR version 6.5.0 on Spark, Trino, and Hive.
  • Add the spark.databricks.isv.product privacera property to the Spark configuration in each Databricks Cluster UI that is running:

    Restart each cluster to obtain this property.


    If this property is not configured, the cluster won't be able to execute any commands that have the Privacera Plug-in installed.

    The cluster will start up successfully even without this property; the problem will be visible when you try to run any commands through the Privacera Spark Plug-in.


  • Preview: Data owner personas can perform a Data Discovery scan of data domains, shared datasets, and projects.

  • The audit search filter in admin audits has been improved to support multiple search parameters with multiple fields.

  • The term "Data Stewards" has been replaced with "Data Co-owners."

  • In the Edit dialog of a user or group, the Attributes tab is added.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) URL is introduced to enable direct login into PrivaceraCloud via SSO.

  • RedShift and Azure SQL Database are now available as a data source to PrivaceraCloud Discovery.


  • Discovery Tag-sync synchronizes the Discovery or classification tags with Apache Ranger.

  • JSON format is supported in Apache Parquet files as structured data for Discovery scans.


  • Preview: Encryption UDFs for Trino.

Documentation Changelog#

For documentation updates in this release, see the Privacera Documentation Change Log.

Supported Versions of Third-party Systems#

See Supported Versions of Third-party Systems.

Known Issues#

See Known Issues, PrivaceraCloud Release 4.3.

New: PrivaceraCloud Support Policy, including New Policy for Software Previews#

See the updated Product Support Policy for information regarding a new preview mode in PrivaceraCloud.

Login to Zendesk to see Privacera's Product Support Policy.

Last update: April 11, 2022