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Known Issues in PrivaceraCloud 4.2

PrivaceraCloud Release

Last updated: 2022-03-15

The following are known issues in the PrivaceraCloud release.

Manually Rejected Tags are seen in Ranger (CLOUD-6503)#

When TagSync is enabled and scanning is completed, all the tags associated with the resources are pushed to Ranger. If the user is rejecting tags from the UI, these tags are not removed from Ranger.

Workaround: Reject the tags on the UI for the resource and rescan the resource.

Last Resource File is Displayed in Failed Batch Resources (CLOUD-6484)#

The last batch file of scan is displayed under Failed Batch Resources on Scan Summary window.

PrivaceraCloud Release

Last updated: 2022-02-21

The following are known issues in the PrivaceraCloud 4.2 release.

Problem with PolicySync Connectors when Deleting User/Group/Role#

If the User/Group/Role is deleted in the following PolicySync connectors, PolicySync fails to recreate the User/Group/Role and instead tries to perform policy updates.

  • Redshift (CLOUD-6162)
  • MSSQL (CLOUD-6161)
  • PostgreSQL (CLOUD-6258)
  • Databricks SQL (CLOUD-3595)

Workaround: Drop the Users/Groups/Roles from the portal and re-create it after some time.

Cassandra Application Test Connection Error (CLOUD-6001)#

With proper connection configurations, the Cassandra application test connection fails, but there is no effect on scanning or related functionality.

Unicode characters are not supported on SaaS Discovery (CLOUD-3818)#

In the Discovery dictionary, Unicode characters are not supported.

Access Control Problem in File Explorer (CLOUD-3472)#

Access control for file explorer is not working as expected for resources with special characters in the resource path.

Last update: March 21, 2022