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Updates in Privacera Platform release 7.5

This document contains information about the new features and enhancements in Privacera products and services, updates to supported third-party systems, and important announcements for this release. Release notes are available with every new version of the Privacera software package. 

Each release comes with product documentation that explains any new features or enhancements.

For more information about feature availability, see Privacera's Product Support Policy

Access Management updates

Support of access control in Apache Iceberg catalog

The Apache Iceberg catalog with Open Source Spark now supports access control.

Discovery updates

Improved Discovery scan status summary report

Scan ID, Application, Scan Time, Duration, and Scan Status are added to a detailed scan summary report. The report can be exported as a CVS file and shared with others.

Action button in the Data Explorer now included add and scan resource options

Data Explorer now supports the "Add to Include Resource" and the "Scan Resource" actions for other applications such as S3, ADLS, GBQ, and other JDBC applications.

Introducing Folder Tagger feature

The Folder Tagger feature can now tag parent folders that contain part files. The Folder Tagger feature is limited to file systems and only works on part files. This feature is only available on the Azure and AWS platforms.

Added Enable Auto Scan Real-time field

Enable Auto Scan Real-time field is added under Data Source Registration. If this field is set to true, discovery will not check the included resource and will instead perform an auto real-time scan.

UserSync updates

LDAP search timeout property in Privacera Manager

The LDAP search timeout property for Ranger UserSync is added to the Privacera Manager properties.

Property for retrieving maximum records by the Ranger API per API call is configurable

For the Ranger UserSync, the maximum number of records retrieved per API request is now configurable in Privacera Manager via

Documentation changelog

For documentation updates in this release, see Privacera documentation changelog.